FTN Episode 488 – Is There Life In Assault?

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Assault is dead, Long Live Assault!  There was an overwhelming amount of shooting in the game just after the edition launched.  Has that changed? If it hasn’t changed for you, maybe you haven’t seen what’s coming from Space Marines, World Eaters and the like. We think it’s back, baby.

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In the last episode we talked about how World Eaters took second in other episodes how terrain can be such a factor.  At more and more events we’re seeing them with better terrain layouts and more variety being an option for what generals can take.  With the release of the Space Marine book the doors are blown wide off. We talk just a little bit about using them as Blood Angels but they are by no means limited to that path.

There are at least two, and arguably three, detachments that breath a ton of life into assault based armies.  They give them tricks we haven’t seen since the edition flip and players are start to turn on to them.  Advance and charge, reliable hitting and wounding in any phase of the game, etc.

We are seeing assault armies like World Eaters and Space Marine variants get a ton of support from Character/Leader models that quite literally give them the juice to get across the table and maximize contact with the opponent.  We hope this is a thing that persists through the codex releases.

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