FTN Episode 255 – What the FAQ? Biggest Changes in the 2018 Sept 40k FAQ

FTN small squareVal and Paul run down the biggest points in the Warhammer 40,000 Sept Big FAQ.  We chat about the huge changes to fly and certain stratagems.  Check out all the new FAQs for the game and the Codexes at the Warhammer Community site.

Hi all,

Fly… We thought we knew what we were doing.  In the Movement Phase fly is still the same.  In the Charge Phase players were previously using this movement to hop over units, intervening terrain, and cover giant vertical distances.  No more…  You now have to consider these things during your Charge Move.  This will take a little getting used to.  I know I’ve enjoyed being able to leapfrog over units with the occasional Daemon Prince or Blood Angel Captain.

Overall this FAQ seems centered on game function and less tweaks to the way codexes are played outside of Dark Eldar.  The Agents of Vect Stratagem has been a real barrier for opponents and now the Drukarhi players will be required to have Kabal of the Black Heart models ON THE TABLE in order for them to use this powerful Stratagem.  It’s a nice change.

Knights see Command Point increases to their most powerful Stratagems as well.  This is subtle but significant.  Intragame command point farms have taken a  hit.  There is a maximum of one command point that can be regenerated per battle round. BIG CHANGE!

Reserves… and Forward Operative like deployment.  Wow..  This type of deployment was new in this more aggressive edition of 40k.  It seems like its been a little too aggressive and may have been contributing to a poor play experience. This FAQ brought significant changes to how these alternate deployment schemes work.  We talk a bit about it on the show but more to come as we talk about army list design in future episodes.

A full list of FAQs can be found via the link above.  I love that we have these balances reviews at set points in the year.  While there is some anxiety and anticipation that leads up to this it stays pure to the intent – we get to take the temperature of the game and have tweaks made that in the long run benefit us all.

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