FTN Episode 259 – Orks Codex Review – Get Your Waaaaagh On

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Ork players are gonna love this!  Your wait for a codex is being WELL rewarded. Talking about the ‘good stuff’ in this book will take more than one episode.  There won’t be one way to play these boyz.. this codex has tons of options.  Check it out!

Hey hey,

Val joins the regular crew this week while we run down Codex Orks.  Wow… This book is great.  The Clan rules are awesome and I think you can make a case while they are all good and competitive.  You want mounted orks?  You can do it.  You want boots all over the place?  You got it.

I think we’ll see Battlewagons make a come back.  You can make this thing T8 and slap a deathrolla on it for some serious punch.  We talk about a couple of Stratagems on the show that help it out also.  The ork vehicles allow you to pile in all sorts of boyz – including the Stormboyz.

Stormboyz get Deep Strike back.  There are ways to bring these guys screaming onto the table and ways to help them charge then ways to help them fight better.  You’ll see these guys too.  There is a TON of good stuff in this book.  The first list you try to make will likely be way over points, ha.

Speed Freeks will be a thing.  One of the obvious builds from the book is a vehicle/bike based rush list.  You can reliably get them all the way across the table for a turn 1 charge.  Sure, your opponent can see it coming but there may not be much they can do about it.   I’m not kidding when I say there are so many good builds in this book.

If you’ve saved your old DeffKoptas you’re gonna be pleased too.  They get a massive point drop along with Trukks. Basically, everything you’ve ever wanted to do with Orks you’re going to be able to do now.  You want to make giant mobs and pile rules on them?   Yeah… get used to seeing 25 lootas in a squad.

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