FTN Episode 275 – HUGE ITC Changes Coming – Points and Missions

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Reece Robins from Frontline Gaming and the ITC joins us this week to talk about several massive changes happening for the 2019 ITC season.    This is a great jumping on point if you are not a current ITC participant.  Already playing for points?  Then you want to hear about these changes.

Hey guys,

The first thing we talk about, and likely the biggest change to the ITC this season is HOW you earn points.  Before the scale was such that the larger you event, with the more rounds, the more points you earned.  This is still the case but instead of mega super events like the LVO with a high number of rounds and a million players skewing the points so dramatically it will now have a much smoother impact.

You will still need to compete in the larger events to challenge the top spots in Factions or for high placement in the ITC in general but someone doing mediocre in one of these mega events will no longer ‘wipe out’ your RTT and GT scores.

This, in theory, will still continue to encourage those local scenes and still incentivize players to attend smaller Grand Tournament (by ITC standards) level tournaments.  It’s a win/win, I think.  It’s certainly an incorporation of feedback from current ITC players. The ITC continues to evolve and it’s got me excited.

We are approaching Adepticon and at the time of this writing I’ve painted almost 3000 points for my team.  1000 points left to go…   It’s a little overwhelming since I started in January.  Thanks a lot for everyone who’s following on twitter @warmaster_tpm and on Instagram @fightswithdice.  It really means a lot.

No finishing moves in this episode but keep your ears dialed into this space. I may get time this week to publish another episode to make up for last week.  There will no doubt be hobby stuff there!

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