FTN Episode 372 – The Dark Angels Rock – See What I Did There?

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We’re getting into the nitty gritty with the Dark Angels this week and hitting a few of the things we didn’t get to last week.  The book is good and there are lots of ways to play them.  It’s time to get those models on the table!

Hey folks,

The Dark Angels will be incredibly hard to beat.  They have durability we haven’t seen since people had 2+ re-rollable saves.   I’m kidding.  It’s not that bad but this codex has the ability to put some serious brick units on the able.  The only thing you have to determine is which of them you like best.

It’s awesome to have these options.  Deathwing was a meme army for two decades and now – whao..  Players who’ve treasured the lore and their collections this whole time are definitely getting rewarded.

The Ravenwing has been outclassed by other marine bike armies in the past and I think we all scratched our head a bit wondering why. Well.. wonder no longer. This Wing gets a lot of love too.  We talk about some crafty ways to deny your opponent some points while racking them up yourself.

In the final moments of the show we talk about kitbashing the easy build models.  It’s easier than you may think!

With a single multi part kit you can build some truly unique models. A few snips and slices and you’re well on your way with a personalized army even with the single pose figs.  Give it a try.

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For anyone who has read this far down we’ve recorded the first video with myself and Oscar Lars where we review a listener submitted model. It should be produced and ready to go mid November. Please keep checking back and if you have a model you’d like us to review for how it would stack up vs the Battle Ready standard and the Artists Standard, hit us up in a private message with a pic. This is coming soon- I promise!

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