FTN Episode 401 – Warhammer 40k vs. Magic The Gathering – Who Wins?!

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The title is very click baity and I don’t mean that on purpose.  We’re joined by Pleasant Kenobi for a great segment in the middle of the show to talk about his journey into Warhammer 40k and I ask him a lot of questions about the comparison of game philosophy and approach to competitive play.

Hey all,

We kick off the show with a great lore questions of Did the Emperor Plan it all?  Is the whole Imperium by design?  Did all the stuff that seemed to be going wrong for the big E really fall right within his grand design?

It’s neat because everyone on the show is in a different place with reading the Horus Heresy and Siege of Terra novels so we all know different things and we’re all have a few bits and pieces of the secrets.  We talk as much as we can about it with no spoilers.  I hope you enjoy it and you have your own questions.

In the middle of the show there is a nice long segment with Pleasant Kenobi from YouTube and other stuff.  He is a joy to talk to and I have blast talking with other content creators that also play other games.  In this case the discussion floats between Magic the Gathering and Warhammer 40k. Vince is awesome and if you haven’t already checked out his content please do.

The concept of Warhammer 40k vs anything else never really comes up for most gamers but it was cool to talk about the different approaches to list and deck designs and how the two games are RADICALLY different.

The one similarity between the two games is that they can both be played ultra competitively.  There are not right or wrong ways to enjoy these games.  The players and the players you interact with can absolutely define what ‘fun’ is in these situations  One interesting point is that in Warhammer the social contract seems to be a lot more open than in MTG.

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The hobby segment this week is all about how to get started with an airbrush.  We start from the very beginning – don’t go super expensive on your first brush purchase. You will likely regret it.

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