FTN Episode 403 – Is Mid Range The Best Range?

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We may see a whole new slugfest developing over the next couple of tournaments.  Two or three armies that can absolutely dominate the middle of the table have dropped and people will be bringing them to the table.  We talk about Grey Knights, Orks and Thousand Sons in the first half of the show.  In the back half we talk about how to beat them!

Hey all,

Dustin Henshaw joins us as a guest on the show hot on the heels of us recording the Thursday Show over on the FLGN.

We tee up how next weekend I’ll be streaming on Warhammer TV and how the terrain in Orlando had a hand in giving a few army types a fighting chance.  We hypothesize how the middle table is where a lot of action may go down at the next tournament and in the future,

We kick around some ideas on Grey Knights and Orks.  Weirdly it seems like damage 2 weapons might be a suckers bet.  I never thought I’d see the day…

This is all conjecture at this point as Admech and Drukhari may continue to dominate the field.  But like we say on the show, the door is cracked and some savvy generals may come busting through with a bevvy of Smites, Dakka Dakka and beastly close combat.

NEXT WEEK, Paul will be on vacation so there won’t be a regular release but please come join us on stream on Warhammer TV live from New Orleans next weekend!

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The hobby segment WILL return on the next show.

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