FTN Episode 406 – Can Octarius Save Cadia? Big Guns Never Tire

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Octarius absolutely gives some units a new lease on life – including Fortifications.  I’ll be honest.. it’s hard for me to put Buildings in a list but wow, I may be breaking out a Bastion for my next test game. Can you say a building has legs?  Cause this may be what a lot of units want in the game right now.

Hey folks,

We focus largely on Cadia and Fortifications in this episode.   We’re saving the Nid talk for next episode.  Hang in there for one more week buggy boos!

The Deathwatch faction comes swinging for the fences too.  The Campaign books have always been hits but this one really comes in hot.  All the factions represented here get some pretty powerful upgrades.  For guard player this is interesting since they are still sort of limping in this edition with an older codex trying to compete in the ‘Modern’ world.

We hit the highlights on Astra Militarum and I think players will be happy with this.  The other interesting thing is the call back to the OG Fortifications.   I’ve taken them in the past when they were really advantageous and we might be right back in that spot now.

This is especially true with the bonus rules the Deathwatch are getting now.  We’ve seen this faction  getting a fair amount of play recently and these new rules are definitely going to inject a few more into the ecosystem.

Let us know if you’re going to bring these things off your shelves.

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The hobby segment is BACK!  Tanya explains some quick and very accessible Wet Blending.  She talks specifically about capes but also goes into the fact how you can use this technique for lots of small spaces and elements.

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