FTN Episode 408 – Did The Orks Really Need New Rules?

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We’re cracking open Octarius Book 2.  For Matched Play the book is focused largely on Orks.  The Blood Axe faction gets a pretty nice set of abilities.  There is an Ork Army of Renown in the book too!  If you’re an Ork player you’re definitely going to want this book and if you’re encountering a lot of Orks and tournaments you may be scratching your head and asking some of the same questions we do.

Hi folks,

Did the Orks actually need new rules?  I guess you can ask that about most factions but it’s very interesting to continue to see additional rules coming out for a faction that already got new rules in recent memory.

For most players this might not matter but as tournament players where we see Orks continuing to dominate the scene with some pretty bonkers power only to see the faction get some additional abilities, it seems a little weird.

The good news for folks concerned is that the Buggies and such are likely going to keep running the army the way they have been and not use this army of renown at the moment as it looks like a bit of a ‘side grade’ opposed to an upgrade.  I do like how this book offers another way to play an existing force someone may own.

The Blood Axes get an actual upgrade which is cool and also a nice littler reward for folks who may be playing the faction and its some incentive to get ‘boyz’ on the table which we’ve heard is something some Ork players think they may be missing.

The Imperial Agents in this book are…  in the book, ha!  They provide some cool flavor and I like the option of playing with great looking units and the opportunity to include a pupper!

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The Finishing Moves segment will be back next week. Let us know if there is anything you’d like us to cover.

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