FTN Eposide 416 – Adeptus Codexes NEW Codex First Looks!

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GW has hit us with TWO new codexes this week  but in this episode we just folks on the guardians of the Big E.  Some things are just as you would expect and some things have been dialed up to 11.  Get the first looks from us in this show. The Adeptus Custodes are still going to be mainstays in the competitive scene.

Hi folks,

We just scratch the surface on the Adeptus Custodes this week.  The codex is jammed packed with new stratagems, faction rules, Relics and Warlord traits.

Games Workshop was nice enough to give us a promotional copy for our review.

The great thing about this book is that you can largely use the figures you have and it’s a nice treat to be able to maybe haul a few additional models out of your collection back to the tabletop.

The fighting styles and how they interact with the Shield Hosts is one of the more dynamic things about the book.  It gives you some amount of flexibility even if you only want to take the same figures in every game.  You choose your fighting styles before each game and it isn’t something you have to do at army list generation.

One of the best Stratagems from the previous codex is Unleash the Lions.  It’s still there and as a matter of fact I think we’ll end up seeing a lot more Allarus Terminators on the table.  There are a few things that have changed and we call them out a little on the show as well as highlight that even though a lot of the weapons have gone to damage 2, it may not be as cool as you think….

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The Finishing Moves Segment will be back next week!

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