FTN Episode 334 – Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Reactions

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WOW!  If you missed it or didn’t think you needed to watch it please go watch the Warhammer 40k 9th Edition teaser trailer.  It is amazing!  The best animation we’ve seen out of GW yet.  It’s got us pumped. We run down our reactions to the 9 things you need to know about 9th.

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We jump right into the 40k 9th coverage after a brief intro.  On the show I ask you to check out my friend’s webstore.  It would really help them out and it can be found here.  Grand Adventures is one of those stores we all wished we had in our town.  It would mean a lot to me if you checked them out.  Please do!

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One of the major take aways from the preview is ‘being able to enjoy’ 40k at any size.  This is interesting to me because we have ’40k in many forms’ right now with Kill Team, Necromunda, different point games, power level play etc.   The reasons some off these formats aren’t as popular – to me- is that they don’t really capture what 40k on a 4×6 table is.  Will this any size option do that now?  I hope so.

Adam and I are incredibly executed about the change to Command Points.  Some armies like Custodes and Harlequins struggle to get the CP needed to fund their Stratagems.  To make them work you often have to dip into another codex to fill slots to get the CP.  Sounds like this is changing in a big way.  It sounds like we’ll all start from an even level and use them to potentially pay for whatever advantages we think we need in our list design.  It sounds awesome.

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There is so much to unpack from the preview. We spend the whole show talking about it. We know there is more to come.  Heck.. we have two more Psychic Awakening books to get to right?!  Needless to say we’re gonna be busy and have tons to talk about.

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