FTN Episode 361 – Deathwatch and Space Wolf Army List Ideas – Which is Stronger?

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Don’t worry.. The Blood Angels episode is coming soon.  I hope to have a special surprise next week as well.  Until then let us know what you think about these Deathwatch and Space Wolves army list ideas.  They Marines have it all and these Chapters bring even more to the party.

Hey folks,

We make good on our claim that the Deathwatch are just beginning to bloom and will continue to evolve and add to the meta for a long time to come.  They have the unique ability (at this time) to have more than 3 Outriders, Eradicators and Eliminators in a squad.

If those three units had any downsides at all it was the low model count.  No more!  Ha, this is a nice little bonus for Deathwatch players and I have no doubt this will make an impact in their games.

Towards the beginning of the show we have a very special vendor spotlight from a friend of the show and Kickstarter creator.  Gary Krieger is a super cool guy and I hope you check out their latest Kickstarter here.

I’ve heard a lot of blow back from Space Wolves players and I honestly feel like this is just because the book is ‘different.’  It not only challenges how lists were made recently it changes a lot about what people expect from Space Wolves lore.  I don’t think this is a bad thing.

It wasn’t to this extreme but people felt very similarly when Thunder Wolves first hit the scene and if they weren’t so crazy powerful they wouldn’t have been so quickly adopted.  We’re in the same boat now but since things aren’t as extreme power wise it may take a bit before people ease into this new paradigm.

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For anyone who has read this far down we’ve recorded the first video with myself and Oscar Lars where we review a listener submitted model. It should be produced and ready to go mid November. Please keep checking back and if you have a model you’d like us to review for how it would stack up vs the Battle Ready standard and the Artists Standard, hit us up in a private message with a pic. This is coming soon- I promise!

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