FTN Episode 387 – Yes We MeChANicus! – Get Ready To Data Tether

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We’ve seen some Codexes come out of the gates guns blazing but this one may be the best yet.  There is an incredible amount of layers to this codex where you can stack buffs, trade abilities without the sacrifice of much durability.  Weirdly though, it seems pretty balanced.  You can’t have it all and this codex will have generals scratching their head to figure out the most optimal build.

Hey all,

It’s just Adam and Paul again this week as we’ve had to juggle some scheduled around and people are out of pocket.  Thanks for sticking in there with us and the regular folks should be back next week.

It is easy for us to say that ‘everything is good’ but there are tons of strong choices in this codex.  You can’t get it all due to points and the ‘brutal’ stuff is seemingly pointed appropriately.  Doesn’t mean you won’t see people flocking to a few choices early on though.

The Ironstriders with Las Cannons will be one of these choices.  They hit like a ton of bricks from range and can threaten ever square inch of the board.  They move fast with a stratagem that allows them to move a little faster so not only will they punch hard they will also help you with board control.

The Skitarri have an increase unit size now with may be one of the biggest stealth upgrades since you can flood the board with fairly point efficient dudes with blasters you can buff with the new Marshal.

We close the show out speaking about the Marshal and how insanely good he is for his buffing ability and gets even more deadly with a Relic.  This army looks cool, will be fun to play and you will certainly see it on the tabletop.  Will it have what it takes to assault the meta by storm?  I think so.

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