FTN Episode 349 – 6 Faction Run Down – We Cover Almost Everything in 40k

I didn’t count but we cover lots of stuff this episode. We have a hearty jaunt around the universe and talk about Chaos, GSC, Guard, Tau, Eldar and Blood Angels.  … Read More

FTN Episode 348 – Shadow Iron and Broken Realms Preview Predictions and Reactions

The first part of the show we lay down our predictions and wish lists about the preview GW released today.  The second part of the show is recorded directly after … Read More

FTN Episode 347 – Will You Survive When Double FAQs Attack?

We address the FAQ and re-FAQ we saw this week from Warhammer 40k.  Adam, Red and Paul make some bold predictions about how we think the game’s action moments will … Read More

FTN Episode 346 – Are Xenos Factions Poised to Dominate 9th?

This show contains 99% less Imperium than most leading Podcasts. We focus on the Xenos factions in this show. We skate right past the Tau threat and speak more about … Read More

FTN Episode 344 – Chaos Space Marines in 9th Edition – How to be a Heretic

TJ Lanigan joins us this week to spit loving bile about Chaos Space Marines.  We speak specifically about Death Guard in the beginning of the show and transition to Thousand … Read More

FTN Episode 343 – New 40k Points review and Special Segment With Duncan Rhodes

This is another double sized episode!  We open the show with a segment about the sweeping point increases in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition.  In the middle of the show we’re … Read More

FTN Episode 342 – Dan Abnett Interview!! I repeat – Dan Abnett is on this Show!

Dan Abnett joins us this week for a wonderful chat.  We are incredibly honored to have him on and you don’t want to miss this.  Later in the show Adam, … Read More

FTN Episode 341 – 40k 9th Edition Review – Part 1 – Big Changes to Assault

Here.. We.. Go…  The rules for Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition are up on the Warhammer Community page now.  In this episode we give our initial impressions about the biggest changes … Read More